Something to Celebrate

Last year (2019/2020) 100% of our tuition trainees (PGDE) & salary trainees completed the programme successfully

2018/2019 75% of our tuition trainees (PGDE) were graded outstanding and 25% were good. 87 % of our salary trainees were graded Outstanding this route offers a PGCE with QTS.

2017/2018 11 trainees successfully completed the PGDE with QTS through our School Direct Tuition programme at MAITT, of these 82% achieved Grade 1, 18% achieved Grade 2 . 12 trainees successfully completed our PGCE with QTS  through our  School Direct Salary programme, of these 67% achieved Grade 1, 33% achieved Grade 2. 

This is a fantastic result and we congratulate our Trainees on their achievements.


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