Our fun time at Nursery and Reception- By Gabriel and Marc



It was great fun, we made a muddy sludge and thew it away because we got bored of it. So the next day, I had the idea to make a letter to my friend in Canada. Meanwhile, Mark was shoving a toy pig into the mouth of a toy killer whale. The toy pig did not get stuck. Mark made a joke that was so funny, my knees buckled and I smashed my left knee into the cupboard. But I didn’t feel pain because I was laughing so hysterically.

We started our day by celebrating the finished eco-house. We were playing walking tag. The person that is it has to put the magnifying glass against their eyes, and that person has to walk after the person that is not it. The person that is not it can run and without a magnifying glass. Gabriel started then he got me after a long time (it’s a lot harder than you’d think). Then eventually when he got me after a short while of dizziness, I accidentally dropped the magnifying glass in a puddle of mud. Gabriel and I laughed so hysterically we collapsed in laughter.

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