Yr. 5, Yr. 6 and Class 7 went on a residential trip to Mount Cook, JCA. We had a lot of fun; it was a really amazing trip. This was a good experience. Amy, Marta, Muntaha, Aryam, Amala, Anthony, Iggy, Yousif, Elis and Elis J were in Keighley’s Group (Keighley is one of the coaches there at Mount Cook, JCA). I think my group (Marta and Amy’s group) was one of the best group because our coach was really nice and she never shouted or got angry she always wanted us to have fun. We climbed a Gladiator Wall and we also climbed Jacob’s Ladder (it was so much fun). We went canoeing, we went on low ropes, we did I.E (insect eating). It was the best trip we have ever had. We will never forget it. 

We want to give big, massive thank you to Mrs Johnston for having the brilliant idea of this trip, Mr Curry and Mr Verdin for taking us there, Miss Gervais, Miss Sherman and Miss Moore for helping us and the biggest thank you to the Mount Cook JCA staff. THANK YOU!!







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