What trainees say about MAITT!

“Having a quality mentor doesn’t only show you the way and share the secrets of success; they also believe in you, boost your confidence, challenge you and push you right to the top of your performance!”

“I chose to train with MAITT because of the well-founded network with outstanding schools within Liverpool. It seemed to be a more personal and nurturing pathway as an individual rather than being just another number down the standardised PGCE route.”

“Due to the smaller cohort you can access support much more readily, and I believe develop a lot more as professional teacher, delving into topics freely.”

“Fridays are great, it offers a perfect opportunity for you to connect with your fellow trainees, share ideas and learn from the leads as well as each other.”

“Becoming a teacher has always been a passion which I knew I wanted to pursue. MAITT has given me a supportive network for me to begin in my journey to become a qualified teacher. During our Friday sessions we are able to join together as a consortium to share ideas, experiences and support each other through the programme. My home school have been welcoming and helped me to settle into school life from day one. The staff give me encouragement and boost my confidence everyday to become the best teacher I can be. During the recruitment and matching day I was very nervous but the MAITT team put us all at ease and ensured us that they would be here to support and guide us through every step. Matching day allowed us to meet staff of the schools involved in the programme, giving us the chance to share our work experience and the life skills that we can bring into the teaching profession. I know the work load will be immense but I know that choosing MAITT is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

“MAITT is simply exceptional.  They ensure that they deliver outstanding training and subject knowledge to us on a Friday from specialist professionals from an educational setting, they also provide continuous personal support and guidance to each individual and you genuinely feel that you are totally supported both professionally and personally whilst on your journey towards your end goal, becoming a qualified confident Teacher”



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